Top 5 Travel Snack Ideas

When traveling the world, making it on time to the next destination can have travelers feeling a little hungry whether by air, land or sea. Here you will find some travel snack ideas to curb those cravings while traveling.

Being Mindful of Other Travelers

First and foremost when thinking of travel snack ideas, being mindful of other travelers around you is important. One thing to consider is choosing travel snacks that are quiet. No one wants to be that person who opens that loud bag of chips while everyone is sleeping around them. Crunching on a stalk of celery can also disturb even the calmest of people.

Another thing to consider is choosing snacks that don’t have an overpowering aroma. Most travel requires people to be confined to small areas and the lingering smell of something pungent such as garlic, cinnamon or curry spices will not always be as inviting with other travelers.

Last thing to consider is to choose snacks that require limited movement to prepare or eat. Elbow room is all you have to work with. So, choose stuff that can be easily unpacked from your purse or carry-on bag.

Avoiding the Lines and Prices

If you happen to check-in for your next flight on an empty stomach and your time is limited, chances are you will attempt to get some food at the many food vendors nearest your gate. This will usually end up with you fighting a long line which you definitely might not have time for and spending an excess amount of money that could be saved for making memories at your final destination. Also, buying food at a food vendor only adds to your carry-on weight should you decide to take it with you while you travel.

Creating some travel snack ideas will help you avoid those long lines and paying airport prices at all the food vendors you are surrounded by on your way to your departure gate.

Top 5 Travel Snack Ideas

  1. Sandwiches and wraps are great travel snack ideas and they make for a hearty snack that will tide your hunger or curb any craving. You can make your absolute favorite kind of sandwich or wrap (maybe not tuna fish or egg though), wrap it up and bring it along. It fits easily into any bag. Just be careful not to smash it along the way.
  2. Salads are another great travel snack idea especially for the health conscious and/or vegetarians. Be sure to add the dressing though prior to boarding because dressing is considered to be liquid. Salads can also fill your appetite and keep you feeling satisfied without being too full.
  3. Fruits and Veggies are also another wonderful travel snack idea. You can’t go wrong with fruits and veggies. Just choose your favorites, cut them up, pack them and enjoy them on the go. You can also rely on prepackaged fruits and veggies such as dried fruits or fruit snacks packets.
  4. Oatmeal is a surprisingly fun travel snack idea. Bring along a few instant packets and just ask for some hot water and mix it yourself. Oatmeal goes well, too, with some fruit. Granola bars or protein bars can also fall into this group.
  5. Beef Jerky is the practical travel snack idea. It is a great protein source and tastes great. If you’re feeling generous, you might want to share with the person next to you and make someone smile.

How to Pack Them

The trick for your travel snack ideas is to know how to pack them. When packing your travel snacks, you want to be sure that they will endure all the movement that goes with checking in your personal or carry-on bags through security. The worse thing is to finally sit in your seat, take out your snacks only to find out they’ve been smashed up and appear unappetizing.

Disposable plastic containers are the best way to pack your travel snack ideas. They are lightweight and they provide protection of your foods from being broken, crumbled or crushed. You can use them to eat out of if you bring something life oatmeal or cereal. They can be re-used for other things on your trip, as well, or simply toss them in the recycle bin if you want to be rid of them.

Storage bags are another option. However, these are not as durable as plastic containers. They work just fine. They won’t take up too much space in your carry-on bags. You just have to be extra careful to put them on top of the pile in your bags.

Plastic containers from home such as Rubbermaid or Tupperware brands are always the best option. They are the most durable to store your snacks. The only downfall is that you’ll have to carry them around for your entire trip. Then again, you might find other uses for them once you clean them up.

Food Safety Tips

Even though you are packing your own travel snacks, food safety is important to enjoy the rest of your travel in the healthiest way possible. Here are some food safety tips:

  1. Wash your hands before and after coming in contact with your travel snacks. It’s always a great idea to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you in case soap and water aren’t accessible.
  2. Rinse all fruits and vegetables prior to packing.
  3. Keep travel snacks stored in the right temperatures.

Remember, your snacks are meant to be eaten while you are traveling. They are not meant to be kept for long periods of time. If you feel that your snacks haven’t been touched for too long and may be spoiled, simply toss them out.

Snack Away

So, when planning your next get away, put together your travel snack ideas and snack away! It’s very easy to do when you plan ahead. Travel gets the best of us sometimes that we don’t even have moments to think of our sustenance in the excitement, Let’s face it, everyone is always happier when they are not feeling hungry. So, here are your travel snack ideas – curb the cravings.

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17 Replies to “Top 5 Travel Snack Ideas”

  1. Hi! Great tips for packing snacks and travelling. In the state I live in QLD (Australia), we cannot bring fruit from our state into another state so if we are bringing fruit, we need to eat it all or dispose of it in the special bins provided at the airport. This is because QLD has a lot of fruit flies and they are trying to avoid the spread of these pests into other states. I like the idea of using containers though there are other options aside from plastic! Thanks for sharing your tips with us 🙂 -Renae

    1. Thank you for visiting, Renae.
      Yes, you are right that in many places you are not allowed to bring fruits from another place.
      The travel snacks that I have written about are for consumption while traveling since some airlines don’t provide food on their flights and if they do, passengers have to pay extra for snacks or meals.
      I’m so glad that you found the information valuable.

  2. Hi, great tips and brillantly written! I love the attention on avoiding noise, very civilized and mindful of others. I also think that your food choices are excellent, very healthy and great variety.
    The only thing that I was thinking is that usually when I travel for the sake of travel I enjoy eating the food I find in the places and experience their gastronomical culture. But of course when we travel for work or are not interested in tasting the local food thank these are very good choices.
    Thank you for sharing and a very enjoyable read!

    1. Thank you for visiting my site, Jana!

      I, too, am all for experiencing and enjoying foods from other places and cultures.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Geri you dont know how exciting this is, especially because as a mother with young kids you will definitely spend even though you are not hungry yourself. I personally love the Granola Bars and Biltong….hahahaha yes i said biltong, im South African, you call it beef jerky.
    In SA biltong is thee snack for every occasion, and we have a variety, not only beef. I’ve never actually considered disposable plastic containers which is a better option to storage bags, thank you.

    1. Wow you are South African?! How wonderful! Very nice to meet you.

      I totally understand about having children while traveling.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed this post.

  4. Yeah, this is a good post regarding the foods we carry during travel.

    I have had the experience of getting hungry that tempted me to buy foods from the vendors at the airport, and they are all a heck of the cost.

    You’ve given a hint to prepare ourselves well before taking any flight and importantly, the steps to be taken to reducing the cost of foodstuff.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea.

    1. I am so glad you found so much value in this post. Thank you for visiting!

      Bringing along travel snacks will surely help with saving some money that you can use for other things.

  5. I like that you opened up with “being mindful of the travellers around you”! 😀 Noise and smell can really ruin the experience for others around you.

    By the way, I love oatmeal but never though about packing it for travelling! It’s also easy to bring in the container, as long as it’s sealed well.

    Cool article with cool ideas!

  6. I can’t imagine a good trip without good food. Thank you I always think of getting to eat when I reach my destination and that is quite a spoil to my journey. Having to get something good to eat along the way is a good way to make memories. I like travelling more than reaching my destinations and when I was a kid long road trips were always the best because we had the best foods along the way and got to try new stuff and I like the idea of fruits, beef jerky and salads.

    1. Thanks, Donny. I also enjoy the traveling experience as much as the destination. Road trips are the best.

      So, happy that you visited my site. Thank you.

  7. Excellent tips and healthy too. Usually, if I am traveling by public transport like planes, trains and buses, I like to keep it light. If I am driving, then the containers and packing more would not be an issue. Snack packs are best as you can finish off each pack and also keep food hygiene optimum. Personally, I prefer to keep the snacks dry so cut vegetables, jerky, nuts and healthy bars are preferable. Great tips, thanks – Stanley

  8. Hey! I love your travel blog, just found it today. I haven’t been the most worldly traveler I could be but I do love to travel when I get the chance. Beef jerky is my favorite snack to take with me on my travels as well. Teriyaki is one of my favorites. The craziest thing I ever saw on a bus was a woman traveling with a live chicken! What is the craziest thing you have ever seen on your own travels? Take care!

    1. A live chicken?! Really?! 

      The craziest thing for me was also on a bus ride. The guy sitting next to me was eating some sort of ethnic Indian food and the smell penetrated the entire bus. To top it off he insisted that I try some and when I did I was too polite not to spit it out.

      Many people despise bus rides but I think that you experience the most unique characters and situations on a bus ride.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us and visiting my site.

  9. Hi, Geri,

    These are all excellent ideas!

    I hate buying food at the airport. Everything is excessively overpriced. If anything, I just buy water as there are no water fountains at the airports I’ve been, but other than that I don’t buy anything.

    I’m in a bad mood when I’m hungry, so I always make sure to bring something with me. I haven’t flown for more than 5 hours yet, but I will be prepared when the time comes.

    Thanks for sharing.

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