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For many travelers, sleeping while traveling can be a gruesome experience. Sure, when traveling by plane many airlines provide pillows and blankets as a convenience for their passengers. Yet now, many of us bring along our personal pillows to help make our excursions a little more enjoyable. Some may bring along a travel sized pillow while others bring a standard size pillow for extra comfort. However, one thing we don’t really think about bringing along is a travel pillowcase.

Travel pillowcase? Yes, a travel pillow case.

Travel Pillowcase

What exactly is a travel pillowcase? Well, it’s just a pillowcase that you take along with you while you travel. It fits most standard sized pillows that you find in hotels.

Separately, they also make pillowcases for travel sized pillows such as those you use on an airplane.

Reminds You of Home

At first, the thought of bringing along a travel pillowcase seems a little strange. Then as you think about it more, it starts to make sense.

Most world travelers know that the thing that they look forward to the most after taking a long trip is getting back home and sleeping in their own bed. Face it, sometimes we get home sick even while on vacation. Some travelers may also find it difficult to sleep comfortably in hotel beds in unfamiliar places even if the hotels provide the most luxurious linens. As the saying goes, “there’s no place like home”.

Travel pillowcases remind you of home because you can bring a little piece of home with you. There’s just something refreshing about the idea of having something as simple as your very own travel pillowcase with you while you are away from home. A travel pillow case can make a substantial difference on how well your travel plans turn out. Just knowing that your travel pillowcase is with you provides for a more enjoyable travel time and ease of mind.

Simple but Extra

A travel pillowcase is simple but extra. The simplicity of such a small travel item can provide so much extra in your travel life.

  • A travel pillowcase is simple to pack and doesn’t take up extra space in either your carry-on or check-in bags.
  • A travel pillowcase in your carry-on bag can simply be taken out and stuffed with your coat or other pieces of clothing to be used to lay your head on in a plane, train, or car and even while you are on a lay over between trips.
  • A travel pillowcase can provide the familiar feelings and smells of your own home to provide for a much better night’s sleep on your journeys.
  • A travel pillowcase can provide extra hygiene when used as an extra layer over hotel pillows.
  • A travel pillowcase can have beauty benefits for your skin and hair.
  • A travel pillowcase can also help with travelers who have extra sensitive allergies.
  • A travel pillowcase can help travelers adapt better to different room temperatures while sleeping.
  • A travel pillowcase is always great to have for those with little travelers.

Standard VS Travel Sized

Travel pillowcases are made in both standard and travel pillow sizes.

Standard sized travel pillowcases are made for pillows with the dimensions 20″x26″. These travel pillowcases work well with sleeping pillows in most hotels around the world.

Some travel pillowcases are made for travel sized pillows which have the dimensions 14″x20″. These travel pillowcases work well for young travelers and are also beneficial for using with pillows provided by most airlines.

Make It Your Own

What’s even better than traveling with your own travel pillowcase is that you can “make it your own” by personalizing it.

First, you can choose what type of material works best for you. A travel pillowcase made of silk and satin helps to keep your head cool and is great for your skin and hair. Plus, silk and satin are so luxurious which is how you should feel while traveling.

Secondly, travel pillowcases come in many different colors to suit your personality. Neutrals are always the norm but choosing vibrant colors for your travel pillowcase will make it hard to forget to re-pack for your next trip.

Lastly, you can even personalize your travel pillowcase even more by adding a simple monogram or making an extra special one for your little travelers with their name or a picture of their favorite super-hero or character on it.

For Your Next Trip

Consider bringing along a travel pillowcase for your next trip. You will find that it will make a world of difference in the way you feel during your journeys. After all, all our travels are times of relaxation and rejuvenation. A travel pillow will definitely help you stay relaxed and rejuvenated wherever you go.

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16 Replies to “The Travel Pillowcase – Sleep with Ease”

  1. I’m someone who hates having the back of my head touch any kind of seat on transport and I always end up having to position my head in the most ridiculous ways, giving me a lot of neck pain so this ‘simple’ idea is literal GENIUS in my opinion!
    I love it!! I’m so glad I read this because now I won’t dread travelling.
    Thank you so much for this. 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post and found value in it! The simplest ideas more than often make the biggest sense. Something you may want to share with others you know who are regular travelers.

  2. This makes a lot of sense to take a little of home on the go for comfort generally .The benefits that you listed makes this simple idea a great and effective way to travel. Thanks for sharing

  3. This hit home for me. I am surprised I never thought of this before. That is the first thing that I realize when I go to a hotel, is the smell of bleach on the pillowcases. I am grateful that bleach is used to wash the linens, but it’s another reminder that I am in a different place, and unable to sleep as good as I normally can in my own bed.

    I will definitely be packing a travel pillowcase next time. SIMPLY BRILLIANT, and THANK YOU!

    1. You’re welcome! It’s interesting how a lot of us haven’t thought much about bringing along a travel pillowcase. I’m so happy that you found this post valuable.

  4. Hi!
    What a great idea! I can’t believe I never thought to bring my own pillowcase with me while I travel, but I definitely will the next time!
    Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Here’s something I do know I need! I also love personalizing basically everything… I have themed clothes for days, and I’m definitely a little quirky like that. Plus people always forget how important sleep is until they are having a tough time falling asleep; personal pillows are for-sure the way to do that!

  6. Greetings Gerl, Most informative and interesting post! I’m all for personalized travel pillowcases from home. Children would love their own pillowcase designed just for them! Starts any trip off right! Thank you for an interesting read! God Bless and Good Luck! Janice 🤗🌾

  7. Gerl, I left you a Comment, and you also ask for Feedback which I am happy to give you since you are in my WA Network! This is your Feedback: Your website has a good, clean look, and your Images seem to be well-chosen. Your navigation is excellent as I had no problem traversing your site. Your choice of Subjects for your posts are good, and it was a pleasure to read posts where the grammar and punctuation were good. I have no criticism for you! I do suggest you design a good logo and start Branding yourself. God Bless and Good Luck! Janice 🤗🌾

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