Staycations – The Perfect Solution

The ultimate vacation is to just pack up and travel to anywhere you want in the world. Yes, it is possible and it takes a lot of planning and money and sometimes some stress.

But what if you want to or need to take a vacation right now? Or what if you are feeling a little disconnected with the world and you just need a break from your every day same old? Or what if you have just a little money right now but you want to get away even for just a day or two or three? I have an idea just for you…

STAYCATIONS – The perfect solution

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is simply taking a vacation where you are right now. Yes, even in your hometown. Another way to look at it is, a staycation allows you to become a tourist in the place where you live.

Why Take a Staycation

Why not? You deserve it!

If that still doesn’t convince you, here are some great reasons to take a staycation soon:

Staycations are convenient. Unlike traveling abroad, staycations require little planning. There is no need to travel far. Staycations can be done over an extended weekend. So, you really don’t have to request leave from the office. There’s no need to make airline reservations or deal with airport craziness. You won’t have to adjust to different time zones or negotiate currency exchanges.

Staycations are easy on the wallet. There’s no need to pay for costly airline tickets or baggage fees. You won’t necessarily have to spend extraordinary amounts on food and other travel-related expenses. Since staycations are affordable they can even be done multiple times a year.

Staycations allow you to appreciate things right in front of you. Enjoy the things you have always wanted to do in the area where you live. Look at everything around you with fresh eyes! They are there for everyone not just for tourists or visitors. You would be surprised how many people can live in a certain place all their lives and yet never experience the main attractions of their city, state or country.

Staycations are fun! They can make lasting memories just as much as any travel abroad. Since staycations are so much easier, there is little time to stress and more time to relax and have fun.

Plan Your Staycation

Plan your staycation as if you were planning any other vacation.

  • Think about what type of staycation you want to have. Do you want to go camping? Do you wanna rent a beach house and enjoy “living” by the ocean? Do you want to do a tour of your city? Do you want to overnight at a hotel or airbnb and enjoy all the amenities? Do you want to visit a casino or any other local attractions? The possibilities can be endless.
  • Get your staycation budget in line.
  • Check which dates work for you and make reservations if necessary.
  • Lastly but most importantly, enjoy yourself! Let go and relax…

Go On

Doesn’t a staycation just sound dreamy right about now? Go on and do it! Live a little. Live NOW! You deserve it! You’ll realize that… “Staycations are THE Perfect Solution”.

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15 Replies to “Staycations – The Perfect Solution”

  1. Good idea. But do you agree that people should not make staycation an excuse for not really exploring places around the world you have not visited? 

    I admit there are places in my country that I have not visited yet and thanks for your reminder in this article that I should put them in my travel itinerary. But, in my age, I should have visited other countries as well, because I believe, nothing is more rewarding than visiting the actual places I’ve seen reading encyclopedias.

    I am going to tune-in to this blog of yours to educate myself more about the pleasure of traveling. It is something that I am planning to enjoy more in the coming years. Thank you for this sharing this beautiful blog of yours!

    1. On the contrary, I feel that staycations will inspire people to want to adventure out of their city, state or country. They will realize how much more of the world they could see if there are so many things in their hometown that they have taken for granted. Then, there are those who are weary of taking long holidays or vacations because they are afraid of leaving their home for long periods of time. Staycations can be a way to ease out of their fears.

      Thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope that you are truly inspired as well to become “a citizen of the world”.

  2. A staycation!  What a good idea!  

    It is so true that we plan and take these extravagant trips and very often have not seen and done all that is wonderful in our own home turf.  I like your idea, and have accidentally taken a few staycations in Alaska.  I am lucky enough to live in a state where there is much to do and see.

    One such trip was to a memorial service at a lighthouse no longer used, but rented out for various occasions.  It was a lovely place for a service; took a long boatride to get there; spent the night.  The next day, was taken back to Juneau with other family members in a helicopter.  The pilot took us up over the glaciers, right close to the surface, and we got to explore it without walking on it.  It was an extraordinary experience, and furnished the high point of that trip.

    I have seen quite a bit of my state, but there are other spots here just asking me to take a “staycation” and go to visit them.  I think I might just have to do so.

  3. Interesting thought about Staycations.  I was thinking how I lived in Queens NY for about 30 years and only visited the Statue of Liberty one time

    So you consider a staycation to go anywhere in your state, I guess for a day or two, a weekend?

    Yes, it is nice not to have to arrange for airport trips and flights, baggage, etc.

    I like to drive so I just may consider a staycation.  

    1. A staycation is whatever it is that you make it. Sure going anywhere in your state could be a staycation.

      I sure hope that you enjoy your next staycation adventure!

  4. Hello Geri, you are absolutely making a lot of sense with this article; staycations are indeed the perfect solution. It’s really amazing to see that what we are looking for in a far country is actually close to us; afterall people leave their country and nation into ours just to have some great time. We can still enjoy this great time in our country even more conveniently. I totally agree that there are so many city attractions I haven’t enjoyed. Staycations is the perfect solution when there isn’t a good budget and it even looks great where there is a good budget too.

    Compliment of the season and thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for the tips on staycations! I personally love these and always make sure to have a few days of a staycation after an actual vacation to recover (taking my kiddo to school of course!). I think everything focuses on where they are going, that they forget that true relaxation involves sleeping in your own bed!

  6. Hi Geri,

    I never come across this term “Staycations” – Love this idea. I like the line you said ” many people can live in a certain place all their lives and yet never experience the main attractions of their city, state or country” – This has happened to us. There is a mountain trek but I have never visited that place, this post has inspired me to go there this weekend 🙂

  7. Staycations are a great idea. I’ve always meant to have one, but always just end up being lazy laying on the couch watching tv.

  8. Hi Geri!

    Thanks for writing this. I actually love staycations. I’ve had the liberty of living in two countries and being able to travel around those countries.

    I realized that I hadn’t explored my own state too much or even the surroundings areas.

    I must say that I love staycations. A change of scenery – even if it’s short – is sometimes all that’s needed.

    I hope to do a camping staycation one day.

    1. I would love to hear all about your camping staycation when it happens!

      Yes, staycations are a great short getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

      Thanks for visiting my site and I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

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