Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way

To the average Joe, pouring a cup of Joe might seem trivial and insignificant. However, to those of us who can’t seem to function without our preferred morning beverage, pouring a proper cup can sometimes make or break our day. There is something so extremely satisfying about the first sip of coffee on any given morning.

When it comes to coffee, there are so many ways you can have it. Some like it strong, some don’t. Some drink it black or with milk while others have with cream and sugar. Then, there are cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, americanos, espressos. All coffee in different ways.

I recently created a post about making coffee at home https://travelawaylife.com/how-to-make-coffee-in-a-coffee-maker-so-easy-so-good/ . Now, I would like to share with you something about “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way” .

It’s All Good

As a self-proclaimed coffee lover, let me just say that coffee in any way can be perfect. When you have a relationship with coffee, it’s all good. I am not talking about sub par coffee where the coffee itself wasn’t properly made, and I have tried sub par coffee. I am talking about how to take your coffee and taking it to another level.

Here are some regular ways to take a plain ole cuppa Java made from a coffee maker:


Over the years I have tried them all. My absolute favorite way is coffee with cream and sugar. So, this is how I will share “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way” .


According to INFOMORY.COM, “Coffee creamers are milk-based products added to coffee to modify its flavor. For some people, a creamer would mean putting on standard cream to coffee. Cream refers to the part of milk which contains the most butterfat. But for others, what they know as coffee creamer is basic milk.”Coffee Mate French VanillaInternational Delight Caramel Macchiato

For the purpose of this post, I will distinguish creamer separate from milk. With that said, there are so many different coffee creamers that are advertised nowadays. They come in powder or liquid form. Some of the more popular brands include Bailey’s, Nestle (Carnation) Coffee Mate, and International Delight. Then you have the newer brands like Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks.

Creamer makes a cup of coffee creamy and silky. It softens the bitterness of the coffee taste. Creamer also lightens the color of the coffee and gives it a new look. It is like a highlighter for coffee and it enhances the coffee flavor.


Sugar, nothing else. Not Splenda. Not Equal. Not Sweet N Low. Not NutraSweet.

Sugar is a natural sweetener. It is also known as sucrose and it is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet.

Some interesting sugar facts according to www.makingsenseofsugar.com are:

1) Sugar is thought to have been first used over 5,000 years ago in the Polynesian Islands.

2) The body breaks down all sugars and starches to glucose. The brain requires around 130g of glucose each day to cover basic energy needs.

Cream and Sugar

Now, here is where the coffee magic happens. Adding cream and sugar to coffee brings it to a whole other level. For me, adding cream and sugar to coffee, is euphoric and it gives me such an amazing feeling to start off my day. Depending on the flavor of the coffee creamer you choose, you can feel almost totally transported to another place. Cream and sugar to coffee is like what jelly is to peanut butter. It’s a perfect combination.

My Way

After brewing an amazing pot of coffee in my Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, I usually pour 2-16 oz Copco Acadia Travel Mugs with our glorious morning beverage. CopCo Travel Mug Although I regularly experiment with different coffee ground flavors, I will normally mix our cups almost exactly every time. I call it coffee “My Way” and this is how it is done.

Before actually even pouring the coffee into the mugs, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 4 teaspoons of coffee creamer. My personal favorite creamer flavor is hazelnut but I am always open to trying other flavors.

1 teaspoon – SUGAR

4 teaspoons – CREAMER

16 ounces – COFFEE




Coffee “My Way” is the perfect blend of the taste of coffee with the sweetness of sugar and creaminess of coffee creamer. Every morning, it is like heaven in a cup and what better way to start out the day.

So, if you are looking for the most splendid way to have a cup of coffee check out “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way”.

This is coffee “My Way” but I would love to hear how you all take your cup of coffee so that I may be able to try “your way” as well.

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13 Replies to “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way”

  1. Coffee makes mornings so much better! I love my cup of coffee in the morning. I wake up before the kids in the morning so I can enjoy my cup when the house is still quiet. I usually drink mine with flavoured almond creamer or regular cream with a bit of honey to sweeten it.

  2. I love the aroma smell from the coffee! I love my coffee go with milk and sugar..:-) However, I cannot drink coffee everyday as I use to have gastric problem. I realise I cannot take black coffee especially as it will cause my gastric discomfort although there are people said black coffee is more healthier without milk, creamer and sugar.

    You think white or brown sugar go better with the coffee?

    1. I am a white sugar kinda person BUT I have not tried it with brown sugar. I’ll try it out though and I’ll let you know what I think.

      Thanks for your checking out my site!

  3. Coffee is my favorite drink reading this Post made me want to drink a cup of coffee. Hi

    coffee maker is easy way to make a cup of coffee I think your post is useful for awareness about coffee maker.

    i think coffee maker will be best product in the world.glad to have an easy cup of coffee thank you for your information

    about this product.

  4. I enjoyed reading you a review on ways to pour coffee. For me, I LOVE coffee; without it, it’s harder for me to function some days (especially after a bad night’s sleep).

    I like mixing it up some days. Most days, I add coffee with a french vanilla coffee mate. While on other days, I’ll drink it black. At some point, I’m going to challenge myself to cut back on the cream and sugar. But it makes coffee much more delicious.

    I like your steps on adding cream and sugar, they’re very simple to follow and straightforward. Your demonstration video was neat also. Pouring coffee “My Way” is an interesting takeaway.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll bookmark this page to try out those steps!

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed this post.

      Cream and sugar aren’t necessarily the best for our health but it is so worth it to start off the day in a happy way.

      Thanks for checking out my site! Truly appreciate it.

  5. Hi Geri,
    I am a coffee fan. I usually have the regular ol coffee with Internationals Chocolate Caramel creamer. That stuff is like crack in a bottle 🤣 but when I burn out I use good ol raw honey gifted to me from my local customers.
    We use the Kurig but I occasionally pull out the French press. So good!
    It’s a great article and there’s lots of room to bid off of it to other posts. Thanks 🙏🏻

  6. Coffee is a beverage that has strong attachments to some people depending on the level of of the taste, make and choice of the coffee maker or drinker. Some coffee drinkers are connoisseurs, in a sense that drinking or making coffee to them is like performing an important sacred rite. For ordinary or casual coffee drinkers this might not be an attachment but a mundane routine performance. The ‘My way’ coffee maker gives us a speciality ritual of how he makes his coffee. He begins by mentioning types of coffee but delving on his favorite type. He prefers the coffee that is blended with creamer and sugar. Highlighting different flavors of creamers he makes us feel in love with coffee. Starting his day with a sugar and creamer really makes his day.

    He differentiates between creamers and milk. Creamers are also categorized into powder, liquid which improves the taste and quality of coffee. Coffee connoisseur’s know how to start the day by making that refreshing sip in the morning. Ordinary coffee makers are no match for good coffee makers. Even the set layed on the table for coffee preparation reflects bright warm colors. I would prefer my coffee with vannila cream and honey rather than sugar. 

  7. I really love to have a cup of coffee during the winter mornings. I try not to drink too much as it aggravated my stomach and causes heartburn. I used to drink my coffee with 1 sugar and milk. A few years ago I decided to omit sugar from my warm beverages, it took a while to adjust to the taste. I really enjoy pod coffees with cream or milk froth. I really love Starbucks coffee so may delicious flavours to choose from.

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