One Other Reason not to Travel

Have you ever met people who don’t want to travel? Have you ever asked them why not? Could it be that they think that it’s not affordable or that they don’t have the free time? These are probably the main reasons people don’t travel. But, you’ll be surprised that people also have One Other Reason not to Travel.

This other reason not to travel is that they feel that they aren’t comfortable leaving their life responsibilities and obligations even for a few days. They get so worried about who will take care of the house, the pets, the mail, the bills, the cars, the plants, the yard work and their list can go on and on and on.

I totally understand where they are coming from. When my husband and I travel for weeks at a time, we have people to take care of our home; we have other people to do banking, bills and mail; we have other people to tend to our business; we have other people to take care of our pets. After setting up all these people we realize that it takes a squad to take care of the things that we have to relinquish while we are away!
It’s a challenge to leave everything up to other people BUT the travel is so worth it.

IF this is you or someone you know and you have the desire to travel, then hire a house sitter.

What Is a House Sitter?

According to ZipRecruiter, “A house sitter stays in or visits a home while the owners are away for an extended period. Some house sitting jobs can be for any amount of time, from one night to several months. Some house sitters may only visit the home in their care during the day to collect mail and ensure the house is in good order for the homeowner’s return. Others stay overnight at the property, watering plants, caring for pets, performing maintenance, and keeping the home in good order.”

My husband and I also have our own house sitting service and this is exactly what we do. Whenever clients need to travel, we take care of whatever needs to be done while they are away.

Why Hire a House Sitter?

Here are just a few reasons to hire a house sitter:

  1. YOU deserve to travel. No more excuses. Your house sitter will work for you to make sure that life is just fine even if you are not physically around.
  2. Your home won’t look like it’s been vacated or abandoned. This will discourage burglars or vandals from violating your home and belongings. You can have your house sitter collect your mail and or subscriptions, turn lights on at night and off during the day. House sitters can also do light housework and or yard maintenance.
  3. Your pets will be cared for. You can make arrangements with your house sitter to feed your pets, take them for walks and keep them company.
  4. Your plants will be cared for. House sitters can water your indoor and outdoor plants whenever they need.
  5. Your house sitter can give you updates on whatever is going on while you are away. If there is an emergency or anything that requires attention, the house sitter can be your liaison to take care of what needs to be done.
  6. Coming back from your travels will be more relaxed. House sitters will make sure everything is in order before you return from your travels. It will almost be like you never left.

Who to Hire as a House Sitter?

Hiring a house sitter is a daunting task especially for first-timers. After all, you are, in a sense, surrendering your entire life to another person for a period of time. This is something that isn’t easily done or taken lightly. You definitely need to check for references. Do your due diligence.

Friends and Family: It is always a great idea to check with your friends and family first, at least the ones you know you can trust and feel comfortable being in your home. This might be a more economical alternative if you are on a budget.

Word of Mouth: Ask the people that you know who travel frequently, who house sits for them. If they are comfortable giving you their recommendation, then this is an indicator that the house sitters are trust worthy.

House Sitting Service Companies: You can also check with house sitting service companies in your area. You can also search for house sitting websites online.

What to Expect from a House Sitter?

Make it vividly clear what you expect from your house sitter. Meet with them ahead of time and let them know what these expectations are. House sitting magazine suggests that, “this may include taking care of pets, look after the home and keeping it clean and tidy, organizing occasional maintenance in the event of something going wrong, and generally making sure that everything runs smoothly, just as if the owner was at home.”

Ask the house sitter what they expect from you in return. Get to know your house sitter. Talk to him or her about how you would like things to be done. Take the sitter around your premises so that they are familiar with the whereabouts of everything.

Put everything into a contract where both you and the house sitter agree to all its terms.

You Can Do This

Don’t give in to the other reason not to travel. You can do this! It’s time for you to enjoy your life by giving up some of your life even for just a little while. Hire that house sitter today. There are trust-worthy people to take care of things for you but you just have to find them and make them feel comfortable taking care of your home life while you are away. Then, just maybe this will open up more doors to more future travels. Follow me on social media:
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20 Replies to “One Other Reason not to Travel”

  1. Hi Geri,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about one reason not to travel. I used to travel a lot when I was younger, but now as I get older with more responsibilities (and children!), it is much harder to travel. We do get to go on family holidays, but I yearn for the days of backpacking around the world. Have you any advice for travelling with children? it would be great to break free – even if just for a little while. Thanks in response, Andrew

    1. I’m sure you will be able to travel as you did when you were younger. The passion is still there I am sure.

      Traveling with children can be fun if you make it fun. I think that people are always worried about what other people think when they see travelers with children but you know what who cares as long as you are all having a blast. It’s your memories that are being created not anyone else’s. Don’t overthink it at all.

      My advice is when traveling with children keep lots of snacks handy and keep your batteries charged at all times and bring along portable charges. I have recently been in the air where there are families with children of different ages and I was so impressed with how well the children did on the flights.

      Happy travels to you and your family.

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  My whole family and my wife’s whole family are literally the type of person you described, wanting to stay home! I have never fully understood it.  I know staying at home and taking care of those obligations are important, but to me, it still blows my mind!  Maybe I could talk to some of them about a house sitter, or honestly, I could probably hire them when I go travel!

    1. Yes! I’m rooting for you! Perhaps you could try letting the reins go little by little by trying to take just a few days away from home at a time until you build up the trust with your house sitter to the point where you are totally comfortable with leaving for weeks at a time.

  3. Hose sitting, is definitely the way to go, if you want to travel,and want a carefree holiday,without stress or worry,and I can recommend it,as I have good knowledge of it.

    My daughter is a house sitter,and has been doing it, for several years,and is highly competent,at looking after all kinds of animals,dogs and pets are her specialty,although she does watering of plants,and has also,looked after,goats and cats.

    I have also had experience, in the house sitting field,and have worked, as her co-worker many times, taking over jobs, when she has a surplus,I have also done my share, of looking after pets,and one time looked after eight dogs, and two horses, as well as several birds,as well as two pigs.

    1. Wow! What an awesome experience for you.

      I’m so glad for your comment because people will realize that there are trustworthy house sitters out there.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Very Nice tips
    Now i can travel peacefully. Sometimes It can be hard to find a housesitter , if you dont have too many friends or family to help you, but i guess it is still possible
    I like the pictures in your website very beautiful
    Keep it up

  5. Hey Geri!

    Thanks for the article and house sitting suggestion! I’ve actually never thought about that – but what a great idea!

    I love traveling and I actually live in Tokyo now, but I guess I’m lucky, I don’t have too many possessions or responsibilities myself (except a guitar, snowboard, bag of clothes and a laptop haha).

    But many of my friends and family members use their life’s “logistical issues” as a reason not to travel ~ especially pets and business affairs!

    I’ll have to direct them to this post I suppose 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. My family and I are looking to start traveling and this was for sure one of the reasons we were hesitating! I will for sure look into getting a good house sitter so we can rest at ease and enjoy our travels knowing our affairs are being seen to. Great article! Thank you!

  7. Hey, awesome suggestion. I think house sitter is a perfect solution for me as well. I could not travel that much, because I hate leaving my house being alone for so long.

    Thank you for this informative article.

  8. I think you are right about people having so many responsibilities that they feel it’s not possible for them to have a holiday. However, these are the people who most deserve it. You have inspired me to get in touch with a relative of mine who doesn’t get enough time away. Thank you!

  9. Nice article

    I have never thought of house sitters before but maybe this is because in my country there is none of that, or at least from what I know.
    Do house keepers actually sleep in your bedroom and the like or do they sleep in a guest bedroom.
    What is your take for this because I would consider this for my family but that would be an issue for my parents.

    And also how much do they charge because as you said if you are on a travel budget it is not worth it.

    1. It really depends on what you are looking for. You can arrange for them to “live” in your home while you are away or you can just have them come by to “check in” on your home. Many people aren’t comfortable with “strangers” living in their home. So, they will have their house sitter come by in the morning to turn off lights, water plants, feed and care for pets, and check the house and then come back in the evening to turn the lights on and collect mail and make sure that the home is in order. The charge for services also depends on how much you need the house sitter to do but usually it typically starts about $25 per day.

      I hope this helps you more. Safe travels to you and your family…

    1. Not too sure if all countries have house sitting services. So, you’ll have to do some research.

      Thank you and best of luck to you as well. Happy travels…

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