How to Save Money While Visiting Guam

I recently posted, on my Destinations page, an article about visiting Guam.

Where America’s Day Begins

One of my readers who is interested in visiting the island wanted to find out how he could save money while staying in Guam. He has heard that it could be quite expensive to visit this paradise island but I think that I could help him and many others planning their accommodations for a future visit to Guam,

So, here it is… How to Save Money While Visiting Guam.

Thank you, Jason!

Places to Stay

FAMILY OR FRIENDS: Many people might not like this idea, but if you are on a tight budget this is the way to go. Staying with family or friends that you know in Guam will help you save hundreds of dollars. Guam people are known for their hospitality and that extends out to people who have come from other places who have made Guam their home. Find out if you know anyone who lives in Guam and see if they are available to have you stay with them for a few days. They will probably help you with much more than to just offer you a place to stay.

AIRBNB: You will be surprised to know that Guam actually offers a variety of bed and breakfast places with AirBNB. These places range anywhere from $38 per night to $250 per night, Some provide just a room to change and sleep in with common areas such as living room, kitchen and bathroom. Others can provide a whole house to yourself and with the ocean in your back yard in the southern end of the island.

HOTELS: One thing Guam doesn’t have a shortage of is hotels. There are many hotels to choose from for such a small island. There are budget hotels which can cost anywhere from $62 per night to $100 per night. Some may even have kitchenettes where you can prepare your own foods. Of course these are your smaller sized hotels but many have pools and other amenities. On the other hand, you have the luxury hotels that can range anywhere from $150 per night to $350 per night. These include the larger hotel chains like the Hilton, Hyatt, Westin and Sheraton to name a few.

Places to Eat

FIESTAS: Because of its rich background in Catholicism, there is a village fiesta every month held at the village church. These fiestas are celebrations in honor of the patron saint of the village. At these fiestas, everyone is welcome to partake in the free dinner provided by the parishioners of the church. Dates of these fiestas change yearly and so I recommend searching “list of fiestas on Guam” to get a current schedule. At each fiesta you will find an array of local delicacies that you might not experience at other restaurants. I recommend going as early as you can to experience the mass and processions that take place before the dinner and to ensure that you are on time to eat because food will run out quickly if you wait.

CHAMORRO VILLAGE: Right in the heart of the island capital, Hagatna, is the Chamorro Village. There are many food vendors who sell box plates of local foods that you choose to your liking. The plates normally come with red rice, pancit or noodles and salad and cost between $6 to $10. You can choose to eat at the dining pavilion or take it to go and park at a nearby beach to enjoy your meal. Wednesdays at the Chamorro Village there is the Nigh Market. There is local entertainment and more vendors to choose from.

RESTAURANTS: If you are looking to dine in a restaurant, there are so many to choose from. Now, if you are looking for a restaurant that serves local food for a great price, then I recommend The Cafeteria in Harmon. It’s a little out of the way and you may need direction to find the place if you are a first time visitor but it’s so worth it. The portions are extremely generous that one order can feed two people unless you are seriously hungry or have a huge appetite.

FAST FOOD: if your tight budget call for fast food restaurants, Guam has enough to choose from. There’s McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Sbarros, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and many others.

Places to Shop

If you are a luxury shopper then there are many luxury shops and boutiques in Tumon. However, if you are a shopper on a budget, however, I would recommend shopping at the Guam Premiere Outlets (GPO) in Tamuning. The most frequented, budget-friendly store by locals and tourists alike is Ross Dress for Less. There is one also at the Micronesian Mall. There is also a Super Kmart that is opened 24 hours.

Then, every weekend you can check out the local flea markets found in the village of Dededo. There are two to choose from. At the flea markets, you will find many interesting things from clothing and souvenirs to street foods.

Places to Entertain Yourself

BEACH: The beach is as budget friendly as you can get. Bring your swim wear and lots of sunblock and you are good to go for a whole day. You can buy some fast food and bring it with you and eat on the sandy shore.

CAR RIDES: if you’ve had too much fun in the sun, you can rent a car for a day which can cost as little as $25 per day and take a stroll around the island and sight see away. Guam has many prewar and post-war historic sites you can visit. You can drop by any mom-and-pop store or gas station and buy a delicious and inexpensive snack off the counters to enjoy during your car ride.

WALK THROUGH TUMON: In the evening, take a leisure walk through Tumon and people watch and enjoy the energies of the night, This is one of my favorite things to do as a local. Window shop at the luxury stores. Visit all the different hotels and what they have to offer. You can grab a gelato or a Godiva ice cream cone to keep you cool on a warm evening.

Budget Guam

In all honesty, air fares to Guam can be rather pricey but so worth it if you like warmer weather and sandy beaches. So, of course, any world traveler would want to find means to save money in all other ways after spending most of the vacation budget on air fare. So, Jason, this is for you and for all other world travelers who may be hesitant to visit Guam because of the extra expense it might cost to visit. Here’s my version of “budget Guam”. This is for those, like Jason, who want to know “How to Save Money While Visiting Guam”.


Visit Guam soon…

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12 Replies to “How to Save Money While Visiting Guam”

  1. Hi Geri,

    Thank you for this comprehensive post on Guam. I love beaches and I have heard Gaum has many exotic beaches that are often void of any people, especially the secluded ones. Just wanted to check on weather? Is it cool throughout the year or humid & what is the best time of the year to visit Guam?

    1. Thank you for visiting my site. Weather on Guam is mainly hot and humid. The last 6 months of the year is our “rainy season” but it doesn’t rain that much really. It’s been extremely hot during the months of March through July lately even for us, locals. If you decide to visit Guam, pack lightly…lots of shorts and t-shirts and sunblock is what I would recommend. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey,

    I have always wondered about visiting Guam. I live in China right now and it seems like I am on the right side of the world if I want to go there.

    I like all of the information you provided. I had no idea that Guam had fiestas! I’m guessing they speak spanish there too?

    So what languages do they speak there. I am going to assume English and Spanish? It would be cool if you could make an article detailing the culture a bit more. I might be more intrigued to go then!

    Thanks again for the great post!



    1. Thanks for reading this post, Max!

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. It would be nice for you to visit Guam. I, in turn, would love to visit China.

      We speak English on Guam but the native language is Chamorro. The Chamorro language does have some Spanish influence though.

      I will look into writing a follow up post on the culture as well.

      Thank you so much again for your interest in this post!

  3. Wahooo!! What a thorough and informative post about visiting Guam
    I like traveling. When reading your article, it makes me want to be there.
    Your article gives all the details you need for a good holiday at Guan.
    And even more by saving money.
    I like the idea of Airbnb, and I think it’s the most economical.
    Thank you for this excellent article.

  4. Hello dear Geri,
    I really appreciated your post about visiting Guam. The beaches look very beautiful and it makes me want to travel there now. This year I have as a goal to visit an exotic destination and with the tips you provided Guam seems like a great idea.
    Thank you!

    1. The beaches here are beautiful and very calm and inviting. I, myself, try to enjoy the beaches as much as I can.

      Guam would love a visit from you…

  5. My self and my husband love to travel. The next time we go somewhere we would like to go somewhere different. I like to research new places. We are foodies so, that’s the first thing I like to get info on. So glad you included restaurants. Great information and I really would like to visit some day.

    Thank you

    1. That’s great to hear! Guam would love a visit from you.

      Thank you for visiting my site and I am so happy that you found the information valuable.

  6. Geri, thankyou for sharing these tips on Guam. I love the sound of the food, I’m glad you covered that topic so well and the Fiestas wow what a lovely celebration! So glad AirBNB is available too – this is a favorite personal choice when I travel.


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