Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way

To the average Joe, pouring a cup of Joe might seem trivial and insignificant. However, to those of us who can’t seem to function without our preferred morning beverage, pouring a proper cup can sometimes make or break our day. There is something so extremely satisfying about the first sip of coffee on any given morning.

When it comes to coffee, there are so many ways you can have it. Some like it strong, some don’t. Some drink it black or with milk while others have with cream and sugar. Then, there are cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, americanos, espressos. All coffee in different ways.

I recently created a post about making coffee at home https://travelawaylife.com/how-to-make-coffee-in-a-coffee-maker-so-easy-so-good/ . Now, I would like to share with you something about “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way” .

It’s All Good

As a self-proclaimed coffee lover, let me just say that coffee in any way can be perfect. When you have a relationship with coffee, it’s all good. I am not talking about sub par coffee where the coffee itself wasn’t properly made, and I have tried sub par coffee. I am talking about how to take your coffee and taking it to another level.

Here are some regular ways to take a plain ole cuppa Java made from a coffee maker:


Over the years I have tried them all. My absolute favorite way is coffee with cream and sugar. So, this is how I will share “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way” .


According to INFOMORY.COM, “Coffee creamers are milk-based products added to coffee to modify its flavor. For some people, a creamer would mean putting on standard cream to coffee. Cream refers to the part of milk which contains the most butterfat. But for others, what they know as coffee creamer is basic milk.”Coffee Mate French VanillaInternational Delight Caramel Macchiato

For the purpose of this post, I will distinguish creamer separate from milk. With that said, there are so many different coffee creamers that are advertised nowadays. They come in powder or liquid form. Some of the more popular brands include Bailey’s, Nestle (Carnation) Coffee Mate, and International Delight. Then you have the newer brands like Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks.

Creamer makes a cup of coffee creamy and silky. It softens the bitterness of the coffee taste. Creamer also lightens the color of the coffee and gives it a new look. It is like a highlighter for coffee and it enhances the coffee flavor.


Sugar, nothing else. Not Splenda. Not Equal. Not Sweet N Low. Not NutraSweet.

Sugar is a natural sweetener. It is also known as sucrose and it is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet.

Some interesting sugar facts according to www.makingsenseofsugar.com are:

1) Sugar is thought to have been first used over 5,000 years ago in the Polynesian Islands.

2) The body breaks down all sugars and starches to glucose. The brain requires around 130g of glucose each day to cover basic energy needs.

Cream and Sugar

Now, here is where the coffee magic happens. Adding cream and sugar to coffee brings it to a whole other level. For me, adding cream and sugar to coffee, is euphoric and it gives me such an amazing feeling to start off my day. Depending on the flavor of the coffee creamer you choose, you can feel almost totally transported to another place. Cream and sugar to coffee is like what jelly is to peanut butter. It’s a perfect combination.

My Way

After brewing an amazing pot of coffee in my Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, I usually pour 2-16 oz Copco Acadia Travel Mugs with our glorious morning beverage. CopCo Travel Mug Although I regularly experiment with different coffee ground flavors, I will normally mix our cups almost exactly every time. I call it coffee “My Way” and this is how it is done.

Before actually even pouring the coffee into the mugs, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 4 teaspoons of coffee creamer. My personal favorite creamer flavor is hazelnut but I am always open to trying other flavors.

1 teaspoon – SUGAR

4 teaspoons – CREAMER

16 ounces – COFFEE




Coffee “My Way” is the perfect blend of the taste of coffee with the sweetness of sugar and creaminess of coffee creamer. Every morning, it is like heaven in a cup and what better way to start out the day.

So, if you are looking for the most splendid way to have a cup of coffee check out “Pouring a Cup of Coffee – My Way”.

This is coffee “My Way” but I would love to hear how you all take your cup of coffee so that I may be able to try “your way” as well.

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How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker-So Easy, So Good

Morning coffee is definitely a must for me and my husband. Our morning just isn’t complete without a great cup of hot coffee. We, just like everyone else in the world, enjoy “coffee shop coffee” and the ambiance of the coffee shop atmosphere, however, many, many mornings I make coffee at home. It saves us time and money and I enjoy making it, too.

Making coffee is one of the first things that I do when I wake up. so, allow me to introduce you to “How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker-So Easy, So Good”.

The Coffee Maker

I have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. I have been using this particular model for a little over a year. It is a Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker.

Features include:

  • Lift & clean filter basket
  • Water window
  • 2-Hour auto shut-off
  • Cleaning cycle
  • Delay brew
  • Freshness timer
  • Strong brew selector
  • Grab-A-Cup auto Pause
  • Reusable filter
  • Water filtration

I have used other Mr. Coffee makers in the past and they have done justice each and every time. If you are careful and conduct proper maintenance on your machines, they actually last a long time. The only reason I have ever replaced my previous coffee makers was simply just to upgrade. Whenever purchasing a coffee maker, it is always wise to read through the manual to become acquainted with your machine and to learn how to care and maintain it for a longer lifespan.

If you do not have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, that’s fine. Any automatic drip coffee maker will work.

What’s Needed

This is what’s needed to make a great cup of coffee at home.

automatic drip coffee maker

coffee filter

coffee ground


tablespoon for measuring

What to Do


1) Pour in desired amount of water into your coffee maker. Some people will pour and measure their water in the carafe but I will just pour directly into the coffee maker since there are measurements on the side anyway.

TIP: Keep in mind that the amount of brewed coffee is a little less than the amount of water measured. When making 2-16 oz cups, I will fill the coffee maker to just a little over the 6 cup line.


2) Place coffee filter into filter basket.

TIPS: Trim the coffee filter using a pair scissors when needed. Regular sized coffee filters are too big for the filter basket that I have. IF you don’t get a chance to replace your filter basket, just place the regular sized coffee filter into the coffee basket. 


3) Add your favorite ground coffee into the coffee filter.

TIP: Follow the measurement given on your ground coffee packaging then adjust according to your preferred strength. We like strong coffee. So when making 2-16 oz cups, I will use 3 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee.


4) If your coffee machine has an extra filtering system, place the extra filter on top of the filter basket now.

TIP: If you run out of filters for this system, it’s OK to do without it.

5) Closeup the coffee maker.   

6) Press the power button to turn on. (There is also a “strong brew” and “fresh brew timer” which I also switch on)


TIP: If you are really pressed for time in the morning, use the timer feature. It’s quite easy to set up.

7) Enjoy the delightful sound and delicious smell of your coffee while you wait for it to finish brewing.

TIP: If you just can’t resist and wait until the pot is completely done, you can pull out the carafe in the middle of brewing to pour a cup.


8) Pour yourself a cup or two, sip slowly and simply enjoy your day.



There It Is

There it is….”How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker-So Easy, So Good”.

If you have any other wonderful tips that you use to make coffee in a coffee maker, please share them. I would love to hear them and I’m sure everyone else would too.

Make yourself come coffee at home right now and enjoy life...

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How to Plan a Trip on a Budget – You Can Do It

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling experiences for anyone to have. It is the most amazing way to connect with the rest of the world. There are so many spectacular things to see and learn through travels. It doesn’t matter what type of travel either. Just traveling to any neighboring city, state or country can awaken so much within a person. It’s exhilarating!

So, why is it that many people rarely travel? One major reason is that people think that traveling costs a lot. I’m not going to sugar coat anything because traveling can be expensive. BUT I am also here to help and guide you and show you How to Plan a Trip on a Budget – You Can Do It.


First and foremost, get yourself into the right mindset. You want to travel, so, you have to put yourself into traveler mode. Believe that you can do it. You deserve this! Put aside any doubts and just go for it!

Budget and Itinerary

Whatever your budget is stick with it. If it’s a minimal amount, it’s fine. The value of the trip is what you make of it and the memories you make on the trip are worth every dollar.

Now that your budget is set, time to plan your itinerary. Search for a destination nearby that won’t cost as much as the ultimate dream vacation you’ve been longing for. BUT look at this budgeted trip as a stepping stone to that dream vacation. Perhaps instead of going by air you can go by train or bus or better yet, go on a road trip. There’s no rule that states that you have to take a trip on a plane.

However, if your budget is enough to take you on some air travel, check out kiwi.com to check for destinations with reasonable airfares closest to your area.


Oh food, food, food…we need it for nourishment but do we need excess amounts of it while we are on a trip? Yes, I know it’s debatable but when you are planning a trip on a budget you might be able to bypass 3 full square meals a day and do just one complete meal and two snacks instead.

Now if you cannot resist breakfast, lunch and dinner, there used to be a TV show where the host would go to a certain place and spend something like $40 per day for 3 meals and a snack. Perhaps you can simulate doing the same thing but according to your food budget. So, instead of $40 per day you can perhaps can cut it down to $20 per day.

Breakfasts can be light and yet nutritious. Some cereal and fruit or a croissant with your breakfast beverage should suffice for most of the day. A light snack in the afternoon like a sandwich could hold you until dinner. Then at dinner, eat a hearty meal as a reward for all the adventuring you did during the day.

Another recommendation is to cook your own meals and that will save a lot and expand your budget a little more!


The best way to save on lodging during your trip is to stay with some friends or relatives. People tend to think that doing this is burdensome to friends and relatives but really that is just a thought that we have in our minds. If you’re only there for a few days and don’t over welcome your stay, people really won’t mind having you over.

Another way to save on lodging is to become a house sitter. Many people who go on vacation look for house sitters to tend to their homes while they are away. As a house sitter you are able to secure a place to stay sometimes for free in exchange for caring for the home while the owners are away.

If you are a single traveler, you might want to check out some hostels in the area. A hostel is “an establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers”.

Or instead of renting out four-star hotels and if you are an adventurous traveler you can stay in a decent motel. After all, you will only need a place to shower and sleep and there are some motels out there that are adequate for that purpose.

Lastly, you can search for Airbnbs. People who travel in large groups could benefit from Airbnbs. You can rent out a large home, for example, for the duration of your trip and split the rental cost by the number of people who will be staying there. This will probably cheaper than renting hotel rooms per day.

Souvenirs and Gifts

Sure it is always nice to get some souvenirs and gifts for yourself or people back home to memorialize your trip, but you can also do without them. Take lots of pictures and videos instead! They’re worth more than that t-shirt or key chain.

Go on a Vacation

As you can see, even on a small budget you can go on a vacation. As the saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. These are just some ways on “How to Plan a Trip on a Budget – You Can Do It”.  I am sure that there are other ways to be savvy on a trip and I look forward to hearing how you plan a trip on a budget. As well, I am sure that everyone reading this looks forward to reading about them too.

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How I Got Here

Thank you so much for visiting www.travelawaylife.com and I hope that you are enjoying being here at this site.

I just wanted to share the story of how www.travelawaylife.com came to be.

One Night…

One night as I was scrolling along social media, I happened to come across a random posting about an online travel business. I really am not exactly sure what happened next, but as I was looking more into the online travel business, I found a link posted by Eddy Solomon from Wealthy Affiliate and I clicked on it. I had no idea what Wealthy Affiliate was.

It Found Me

As I read more about Wealthy Affiliate or WA as it’s known to members, I learned that it was about starting an online business by creating your own website and using affiliate marketing to make money. I thought to myself,

“Wow this is what I’ve been trying to do with the website that I currently have!”

It found me!

How It Works

The best way to explain affiliate marketing and how it works is to show this self-explanatory diagram:

Click here to learn about Wealthy Affiliate

When I saw this image, I immediately knew that this is what I wanted to do! It was what I was trying to do with my very first website but I couldn’t figure out how to do it on my own.

Signed Up

So, I signed up with WA! There is a free membership with an option to become a Premium Member whenever you are ready. Premium Membership is $49 per month. There is also an option to pay yearly with some savings. Then, once a year there is an even more discounted rate for Black Friday.

3 Great Things About WA

Great Community

One of the many great things about WA is that it such a great community. All the members are so encouraging and supportive. There is an energy about WA that inspires me to want to continue building my site because of how everyone is so active in helping each other out.


WA trainings are great and easy enough to follow. I actually had my site up and running in just a few short weeks. The trainings take you step by step and you can go at your own pace. Plus, there are always continuous trainings happening within the community and its members.

Website Engagement Platform

I have learned to enjoy the Website Engagement Platform at WA. This is also known as “site comments”. It is a “give and take comment thread”. It is where you can leave comments on other people’s website and or postings and in turn they can leave comments for you.

Here I Am

So, here I am.

And here is my website www.travelawaylife.com . What you see here is what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate. I am having so much fun with it and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

You can do it, too!

I will be happy to share more with you….


Click here to learn more

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Staycations – The Perfect Solution

The ultimate vacation is to just pack up and travel to anywhere you want in the world. Yes, it is possible and it takes a lot of planning and money and sometimes some stress.

But what if you want to or need to take a vacation right now? Or what if you are feeling a little disconnected with the world and you just need a break from your every day same old? Or what if you have just a little money right now but you want to get away even for just a day or two or three? I have an idea just for you…

STAYCATIONS – The perfect solution

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is simply taking a vacation where you are right now. Yes, even in your hometown. Another way to look at it is, a staycation allows you to become a tourist in the place where you live.

Why Take a Staycation

Why not? You deserve it!

If that still doesn’t convince you, here are some great reasons to take a staycation soon:

Staycations are convenient. Unlike traveling abroad, staycations require little planning. There is no need to travel far. Staycations can be done over an extended weekend. So, you really don’t have to request leave from the office. There’s no need to make airline reservations or deal with airport craziness. You won’t have to adjust to different time zones or negotiate currency exchanges.

Staycations are easy on the wallet. There’s no need to pay for costly airline tickets or baggage fees. You won’t necessarily have to spend extraordinary amounts on food and other travel-related expenses. Since staycations are affordable they can even be done multiple times a year.

Staycations allow you to appreciate things right in front of you. Enjoy the things you have always wanted to do in the area where you live. Look at everything around you with fresh eyes! They are there for everyone not just for tourists or visitors. You would be surprised how many people can live in a certain place all their lives and yet never experience the main attractions of their city, state or country.

Staycations are fun! They can make lasting memories just as much as any travel abroad. Since staycations are so much easier, there is little time to stress and more time to relax and have fun.

Plan Your Staycation

Plan your staycation as if you were planning any other vacation.

  • Think about what type of staycation you want to have. Do you want to go camping? Do you wanna rent a beach house and enjoy “living” by the ocean? Do you want to do a tour of your city? Do you want to overnight at a hotel or airbnb and enjoy all the amenities? Do you want to visit a casino or any other local attractions? The possibilities can be endless.
  • Get your staycation budget in line.
  • Check which dates work for you and make reservations if necessary.
  • Lastly but most importantly, enjoy yourself! Let go and relax…

Go On

Doesn’t a staycation just sound dreamy right about now? Go on and do it! Live a little. Live NOW! You deserve it! You’ll realize that… “Staycations are THE Perfect Solution”.

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Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers, Top 3

Everyone loves stocking stuffers! You know…those small inexpensive gifts that gift-givers can place inside a perfect sized Christmas stocking or give for those nights of Hanukah or Kwanzaa celebrations. They may be small gifts but they can be just as meaningful as the bigger gifts.

Right here I’ve got the Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers, Top 3

#1 Luggage Scale

Luggage scales are a traveler’s best friend. No traveler should be left without one and this is why it is the #1 Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers. Luggage scales are portable and can be taken along any trip plus it fits in a Christmas stocking! There are 2 types of luggage scales that you can choose from.

https://travelawaylife.com/3-great-reasons-to-use-a-travel-luggage-scale/Click here for Rechargeable Hanging Luggage ScaleRechargeable Hanging Luggage Scale – This is a digital luggage scale. You can switch from pounds to kilos for international travel. It has a simple touch button to operate and is easy to pack and store. The great thing about this digital luggage scale is that it is rechargeable and it has a USB so that you can charge your devices.Click here for Samsonite Manual Scale Samsonite Manual Scale– This is a simple manual digital scale made by Samsonite. Easy to use and requires no batteries or recharging. It also compact and portable.

#2 Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for travel because they help with leg circulation while traveling and prevent legs from swelling during air travel. This is why it is the #2 Best Stocking Stuffer for Travelers.


Click here for CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men

Click here for CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men

CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men – Great stocking stuffers for both men and women. The socks are designed to provide support, comfort and relief. They are form fitting and lightweight. These can come in a package of 3 or 8 and come in many different colors and designs.

Click here for SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves for Men & Women

SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves for Men & Women – Compression foot sleeves only cover the feet and ankles and still provide comfort and support and still boosts blood circulation. These foot sleeves come in 4 different sizes and many colors and designs.

Click here for Compression Socks, New Compression Zip Sox SocksCompression Socks, New Compression Zip Sox Socks – I have a pair of these Zip Sox and they are wonderful. These come in 2 pair packages and only come in beige or black. The one thing great about these compression socks is that they are easy to put on and take off because of the zipper feature. I wore these on my last trip.

#3 Luggage Tags

I need these! If you own a plain ole black luggage, carry-on or suitcase, then you need these, too. Luggage tags are a great way to give your travel bags some personality. Plus, they’re a great way to spot your bags from the luggage carousel upon arrivals. They come in all colors and designs. So, here is the #3 Best Stocking Stuffer for Travelers.Click here for TUMI - Province Luggage Tag - Suitcase Identifier for Men and WomenTUMI – Province Luggage Tag – Suitcase Identifier for Men and Women – Okay, these are a little pricey for a stocking stuffer but these are absolutely gorgeous. This TUMI luggage tag is made of 100% leather will look so chic on any travel bag.Click here for TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag

TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag – This luggage tag is made of rustproof metal and a stainless steel cable to fasten it to your travel bags. It is definitely chic and stylish and is versatile as it can be used for travel by air, cruise ships, trains, buses, as well as on school bags/gym bags/suitcases/spinners/golf bags/musical instrument cases/baby strollers to name a few.Click here for Initial Luggage TagInitial Luggage Tag – This luggage tag is most especially perfect for the young traveler such as college kids and teenagers and even preteens. But it as great for everyone in the family. With the initials on the tags it is easy to keep track of whose travel bag belongs to whom. It comes in different colors and characters and has a stainless steel cable fastener.

Fill Those Stockings

Now you have some ideas to fill those traveler stockings up this Christmas season or small gift ideas for Hanukah or Kwanzaa. You can get your special someone that luggage scale or compression socks or luggage tag OR you can overfill their stocking with all the “Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers”.


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Best Gifts for Someone Who Travels A Lot, Top 3

Here we are again! It’s the beginning of another holiday season. Time to break out the decorations and good cheer. Also, time to get the Christmas shopping list together. There seems to be a few on our list who we have the hardest time figuring out what to get them every Christmas. So, you may want to ask yourself, “Does this person travel a lot?” OR “Does this person talk about wanting to travel more?” If the answer is “Yes” to either one these questions then you are in the right place, Yet, don’t limit this list just for Christmas gifts because you can use these ideas for any special occasion or no occasion at all.

These are the “Best Gifts for Someone Who Travels A Lot, Top 3“.

#1 Carry On Luggage

I think that all world travelers search high and wide for the best carry on luggage. Here are a few options:

Click here for Samsonite Winfield

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage Carry-On – Since Samsonite is one of the most recognizable names in the luggage industry, you can expect high quality and durability. This carry-on is absolutely gorgeous as it comes in a wide variety of colors.



COOLIFE Luggage – I personally have this COOLIFE Luggage and it’s absolutely wonderful. I have it in white and it has great storage space and it glides smoothly.Rockland Luggage


Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20 Inch Expandable Carry On – This carry-on luggage is for the more budget-conscious gift-giver as it is below $50. The Rockland Luggage also comes in a variety of colors and is light-weight and durable for traveling.


#2 Travel Organizers

I have written about travel organizers before and you can read my post about them to understand more fully how they work and how beneficial they are to any traveler. They would absolutely make awesome gifts for someone who travels a lot. https://travelawaylife.com/travel-organizer-bag-sensible-and-stylish/Shacke Pak

Shacke Pak – 5 Set Packing Cubes – These are one of the most deluxe travel organizer cubes I have seen online. They come in an assortment of colors to suit your personality. These packing cubes make packing for a trip more enjoyable.

PRO Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes for Travel
– This is a beautiful travel organizer set. It is a mesh and ultralight and comes in a set of 10
Pieces. It can fit any backpack, luggage, carry-on or suitcase.DIMJ Packing Cubes

DIMJ Packing Cubes – This is one for the budget conscious as this set is below $20 which is a great deal for an 8 piece travel organizer set which includes a make-up and shoe bag.

#3 Wrinkle Free Clothing

I have another post that you can read about wrinkle-free travel clothing. Wrinkle free travel clothing is something that we all need when traveling so that we don’t have to lug around travel irons or streamers. https://travelawaylife.com/wrinkle-free-travel-clothing-straighten-up/VFSHOW Womens Pleated Crew Neck Peplum Wear to Work Office Sheath Dress

VFSHOW Womens Pleated Crew Neck Peplum Wear to Work Office Sheath Dress – This is just one of the many styles of women’s wrinkle-free clothing that you may want to surprise that special lady in your life who travels a lot. This dress comes in many different colors and can be worn to all kinds of occasions.Van Heusen Men's Air Short Sleeve Button Down Van Heusen Men’s Air Short Sleeve Button Down – Now, for the special man in your life who travels a lot here is a wrinkle-resistant shirt that he will enjoy while traveling the world and still look great. It is easy to care for and comes in other colors as well.

Happy Holiday Shopping

There you have it…” Best Gifts for Someone Who Travels A Lot, Top 3″, carry-on luggage, travel organizers and wrinkle-free clothing. I love to travel and these are some things that I would appreciate receiving for the holidays or for any occasion. If you are a traveler, feel free to add on to this list to help people complete their shopping list. Happy Holiday Shopping everyone!

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Why Long Layovers? 3 Important Reasons

It seems like people always search for the most direct route to their destination. No one likes to wait. Direct routes make sense if you are in a time crunch. It works just fine if your travels are short and sweet, and great if you are a single traveler. But let’s face it, almost every traveler will experience some kind of layover en route to their destination. Once we hear “long layover”, we cringe at the thought.

I, personally, enjoy long layovers. Why long layovers? Let me give you 3 important reasons. But first, let’s go over what exactly is a layover.

What is a Layover?

The most basic dictionary meaning of layover is “a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey”. Layovers are usually connections between flights. They can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as 23 hours depending on the travel itinerary.

Time to Catch Your Next Flight







The first important reason for a long layover is to ensure that you have time to catch your next flight. I highly suggest that when booking a travel reservation with multiple flights that you try to schedule at least 3 hours in between each flight most especially when traveling internationally and/or having to change airlines.

A long layover will give you time to disembark the aircraft, pass all immigration lines, claim any check-in bags, get through customs, locate the check in counter for your next flight, get through TSA security, and locate your next departure gate. A long layover will allow you to do all of this in good time with less hurry and with more ease.

Time to Stretch Out

The second important reason for a long layover is that it gives you time to physically stretch out. This is especially important with travelers with children of all ages. A long layover can bring respite to the entire family from being cooped up sometimes for too many hours in an airplane. During a long layover, you are able to freshen up and recoup yourself for the next flight. Utilize the many restrooms and sometimes shower rooms available at the airports. Many international airports might have areas where you can take a nap and rejuvenate.

Layovers also give you time to catch up on your texts, messages and emails because many airports offer free WiFi service. You can have time to download movies to watch on your next flights. You can make phone calls to tie any loose ends that may need to be made.

Enjoy the Surroundings

The third important reason for a long layover is that you can enjoy the surroundings of a place that you might not have ever visited or will ever visit again. If you have an extra long layover of more than 4 hours you might be able to go outside of the airport and do a little sight seeing. Think of it as an added ultra mini vacation. All you have to do is plan ahead if you know that you’ll be having a long layover. Research things to do near the airport.

If you aren’t adventurous enough to explore outside of the airport, then take in the scenery at the airport. Some airports have museums and exhibits and gardens that you can enjoy. Or you can just take long walks around and just get lost in the hustle and bustle of the airport. If you’re like me, grab a cup of coffee or two and just people watch. It’s also time to eat a good meal and maybe indulge in something authentic to the area that you are in. Then, there’s also all the duty-free shopping you can enjoy.

Whichever you choose to do, just simply enjoy the moment.


So, there you go….3 Important Reasons for Long Layovers.

Sure you can always book the most direct flights to your destinations and rush on through your travels. OR you can enjoy your travels even more and be a citizen of the world by engrossing yourself in the places you travel through and embrace the moments and make even better memories.

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One Other Reason not to Travel

Have you ever met people who don’t want to travel? Have you ever asked them why not? Could it be that they think that it’s not affordable or that they don’t have the free time? These are probably the main reasons people don’t travel. But, you’ll be surprised that people also have One Other Reason not to Travel.

This other reason not to travel is that they feel that they aren’t comfortable leaving their life responsibilities and obligations even for a few days. They get so worried about who will take care of the house, the pets, the mail, the bills, the cars, the plants, the yard work and their list can go on and on and on.

I totally understand where they are coming from. When my husband and I travel for weeks at a time, we have people to take care of our home; we have other people to do banking, bills and mail; we have other people to tend to our business; we have other people to take care of our pets. After setting up all these people we realize that it takes a squad to take care of the things that we have to relinquish while we are away!
It’s a challenge to leave everything up to other people BUT the travel is so worth it.

IF this is you or someone you know and you have the desire to travel, then hire a house sitter.

What Is a House Sitter?

According to ZipRecruiter, “A house sitter stays in or visits a home while the owners are away for an extended period. Some house sitting jobs can be for any amount of time, from one night to several months. Some house sitters may only visit the home in their care during the day to collect mail and ensure the house is in good order for the homeowner’s return. Others stay overnight at the property, watering plants, caring for pets, performing maintenance, and keeping the home in good order.”

My husband and I also have our own house sitting service and this is exactly what we do. Whenever clients need to travel, we take care of whatever needs to be done while they are away.

Why Hire a House Sitter?

Here are just a few reasons to hire a house sitter:

  1. YOU deserve to travel. No more excuses. Your house sitter will work for you to make sure that life is just fine even if you are not physically around.
  2. Your home won’t look like it’s been vacated or abandoned. This will discourage burglars or vandals from violating your home and belongings. You can have your house sitter collect your mail and or subscriptions, turn lights on at night and off during the day. House sitters can also do light housework and or yard maintenance.
  3. Your pets will be cared for. You can make arrangements with your house sitter to feed your pets, take them for walks and keep them company.
  4. Your plants will be cared for. House sitters can water your indoor and outdoor plants whenever they need.
  5. Your house sitter can give you updates on whatever is going on while you are away. If there is an emergency or anything that requires attention, the house sitter can be your liaison to take care of what needs to be done.
  6. Coming back from your travels will be more relaxed. House sitters will make sure everything is in order before you return from your travels. It will almost be like you never left.

Who to Hire as a House Sitter?

Hiring a house sitter is a daunting task especially for first-timers. After all, you are, in a sense, surrendering your entire life to another person for a period of time. This is something that isn’t easily done or taken lightly. You definitely need to check for references. Do your due diligence.

Friends and Family: It is always a great idea to check with your friends and family first, at least the ones you know you can trust and feel comfortable being in your home. This might be a more economical alternative if you are on a budget.

Word of Mouth: Ask the people that you know who travel frequently, who house sits for them. If they are comfortable giving you their recommendation, then this is an indicator that the house sitters are trust worthy.

House Sitting Service Companies: You can also check with house sitting service companies in your area. You can also search for house sitting websites online.

What to Expect from a House Sitter?

Make it vividly clear what you expect from your house sitter. Meet with them ahead of time and let them know what these expectations are. House sitting magazine suggests that, “this may include taking care of pets, look after the home and keeping it clean and tidy, organizing occasional maintenance in the event of something going wrong, and generally making sure that everything runs smoothly, just as if the owner was at home.”

Ask the house sitter what they expect from you in return. Get to know your house sitter. Talk to him or her about how you would like things to be done. Take the sitter around your premises so that they are familiar with the whereabouts of everything.

Put everything into a contract where both you and the house sitter agree to all its terms.

You Can Do This

Don’t give in to the other reason not to travel. You can do this! It’s time for you to enjoy your life by giving up some of your life even for just a little while. Hire that house sitter today. There are trust-worthy people to take care of things for you but you just have to find them and make them feel comfortable taking care of your home life while you are away. Then, just maybe this will open up more doors to more future travels.

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3 Great Reasons to Use a Travel Luggage Scale

Every time my husband and I travel, especially to visit our children, we tend to pack excessively. Depending on the duration of our trip, we pack lots of food items and gifts from home in addition to the clothes and other items we need for our travels. Nowadays, many airlines charge for check-in bags or passengers are limited in quantities and weight of check-in bags. Plus, the rates for check-in luggage are sometimes outrageous!

By now, you have probably figured that it’s quite difficult for me and my husband to stay within the weight limit. So, one of the best travel investments we have ever made is a travel luggage scale. It is the greatest thing ever to use while you pack for your trip. Here I will share with you 3 Great Reasons to Use a Travel Luggage Scale.

#1 Luggage Scales Save Time

I have been at check-in counters at airports and see people having to open up their luggage to try to adjust their packing just so that they can stay within the weight limits of the airlines. This is such a stressful and time-consuming process. So, the first great reason to use a travel luggage scale is that it definitely saves time. You can start packing your luggage at home and when you think that you are done you can easily weigh it. You will know if you are either over or under weight and you can adjust your packing at home rather than waiting at the airport check-in counter only to be told that your luggage is overweight or you could have packed a little more because you are underweight.

#2 Luggage Scales Save Money

The second great reason to use a travel luggage scale is that it will save money. It takes getting used to even being charged for a first check-in bag which costs anywhere from $25 – $50 while second bags cost upwards of $40 and so on and so forth. Overweight bags are another story. It can cost passengers hundreds of dollars for one piece of baggage to be overweight even by a pound. Luggage scales can save people the financial stress of checking in their bags.

#3 Luggage Scales Are Portable

Travels are normally round trips. So, not only do you have to weigh your luggage before you leave but you have to weigh them on the way back to where you originated from. No need to fret because the third great reason to use a travel luggage scale is that they are portable. Luggage scales are small enough to put into your luggage so that you can have it readily available when you are ready to head back.

How Do They Work?

Travel luggage scales are really simple to use.

  1. Pack your bags.
  2. Calibrate your travel luggage scale to zero.
  3. Hook the scale to or wrap the strap around the luggage handle.
  4. Lift your luggage with the scale.
  5. Check the weight.

Voila! That is it.

Digital or Non-DigitalBy Simon A. Eugster - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7830298

The most popular travel luggage scales are the digital kind. I mean, we do live in a digital world so that’s no surprise. It’s extra simple to use. Lift your bags and read the digital number that shows up on the screen.

The luggage scale that I personally use is the non-digital one. We’ve been using it for many years and it hasn’t failed us and it’s actually pretty accurate. It may be off by a pound when we place our bags on the scales at the airport depending on the calibration. Unlike the digital kind, you will have to work a little harder to read the weight as the little hand points to the numbers but there is a marker that sticks to the actual weight. The advantage to the non-digital scale is that it requires no batteries.

This is it

If there is ever one item that every world traveler should get this is it! A travel luggage scale is the most useful item you could have when you’re packing for that long vacation. It saves time and money and it’s portable. When you get one for yourself, it would be a wonderful idea to get another one as a gift for a fellow jet-setter. Or better yet, put it on your wish list for your next birthday or holiday gift.

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