Where America’s Day Begins

Every travel that I take is usually by air. Each and every time, my final destination is “Where America’s Day Begins”. America’s day begins in Guam which is my home and where I am originally from. Guam is a United States territory and

“as the sun sets on this island the US Mainland is nearly a full day behind” which is why it is where America’s day begins.

Allow me to share with you a little about this place that I call home which is actually a paradise destination for many from around the world…. Continue reading “Where America’s Day Begins”

Wrinkle Free Travel Clothing – Straighten Up

If you are like me, then you really don’t care much for ironing. However, I still do it because I love looking nice and neat. So, what more while traveling? You still want to look great while you’re on vacation or on a business trip but you don’t want to spend time ironing your clothes. Sure you can pack a travel iron or steamer but there has to be an alternative,

The alternative is wrinkle free travel clothing. So, instead of always having to pack an iron or steamer or requesting for an iron for your hotel room, check your wardrobe for clothing that is wrinkle free or better yet invest in some today!

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Compression Socks – Leg Comfort

The last time I traveled it happened to me. I traveled a total of 17 hours on 3 different flights. When I got off the plane, my feet were extremely swollen. I had never experienced such swelling except when I was pregnant.

Swelling of the legs and feet while traveling by air are actually common and normally harmless. The way we sit in the seats of an airplane tends to increase pressure on the veins in our legs. So, the legs and feet tend to swell because of the limited ability to move around for hours and hours in the air.

Compression socks are one way to achieve leg comfort while traveling especially during air travel.

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The Travel Pillowcase – Sleep with Ease

For many travelers, sleeping while traveling can be a gruesome experience. Sure, when traveling by plane many airlines provide pillows and blankets as a convenience for their passengers. Yet now, many of us bring along our personal pillows to help make our excursions a little more enjoyable. Some may bring along a travel sized pillow while others bring a standard size pillow for extra comfort. However, one thing we don’t really think about bringing along is a travel pillowcase.

Travel pillowcase? Yes, a travel pillow case. Continue reading “The Travel Pillowcase – Sleep with Ease”

Travel Organizer Bag – Sensible and Stylish

So, you’ve just purchased that airline ticket to your dream destination. Or you’re taking a cruise through the Caribbean or perhaps just taking a cross-country road trip. Now, you have to start packing and get moving. Whatever you’re travel plans are they must include a travel organizer bag! No trip should go without at least one.

A travel organizer bag will allow any traveler to have ease of mind. Packing for that long-awaited trip couldn’t be simpler. Not only is a travel organizer bag sensible but there are so many wonderful systems to choose from to match your flair and sophistication. Continue reading “Travel Organizer Bag – Sensible and Stylish”

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